Punjaban Ranting

Formerly India(n) Ranting.

22 years old (too old).

only child. have a cute little black lab!.
when bored, i try to do this. happens usually @ work. why? because I'm an Indian living in america trying to stay in touch with all things indian.

  • Combines pixels in the dark, which gives you up to two f stops better performance in low light. 
  • New “sapphire crystal” and “precision lens alignment
  • New image signal processor in the A6 chip, does spatial noise reduction, with a “smart filter” something that produces better low-light performance and captures photos faster.
  • So, the iSight camera looks similar to the iPhone 4S…with enhancements
  • Dynamic low-light mode looks like the most useful feature for me (and for many others). Very curious about that.
  • New photo feature: Panorama


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